What Is Your Problem? How To Turn It Over To God

What Is Your Problem? How To Turn It Over To God

Open your Bible to Psalm 86:7 It says... Within the day of my bother I call upon you, for you answer me. Go ahead and highlight that scripture.

This is just not about the power of positive thinking. It is in regards to the energy of the positive Word of God. Jesus is Better than any opposing problem! God will not be the source of your problems. Nevertheless, He's always the ANSWER to your problems.

The answer you're looking for, you will discover by trusting within the goodness, creativity and energy of God. He's listening, and He's ready to assist you. There are a lot of things in life you'll be able to't do anything about, BUT GOD CAN! Many individuals are slow to realize this.

Positive thinking might help you to a degree, but a relationship with the Living Christ can achieve this much more! In the day of your hassle let me train you what to do. The hard place in which you end up is the very place in which God is providing you with an opportunity to look to Him. That you must seek God to your answer! Call on the name of Jesus!

I'm talking about excessive problems, difficult problems, hard problems. Yes, they are often frustrating and discouraging, but should you begin to seek and thank God from where you're, He will help you get where you must be. God is Greater than any problem you will ever have. You see, when you find yourself Word focused in a problem situation it shows faith in God.

God's Word says, He will reply you. God needs this experience to take place within the lives of each one of His children. The scriptures provide you with hope and encouragement within the day of your trouble. God will reply you. Why? Because you are in a spiritual relationship with the Lord. Not only are you welcome into His presence, but you might be invited to enter boldly.

Jesus may give you victory over your problem! How? Pray! Talk to Jesus about what He said within the scripture. After praying your faith begins to let you know God has heard your prayers. While you pray the Word, talk the Word and receive the Word an agreement comes deep within your spirit.

God stands ready, willing, and able to reply your prayers. God knows the reply to your problem. He knows the answer to what's troubling you! You serve a God who is able to help you! But this is what I would like you to know, you will have problems, you will face battles everyday. But the biggest problem you will face is the temptation to give up on God's Word.

You can fail at this point, or you can continue to consider that God's Word is true and obtain your answer. There is no reason to live a defeated life because of problems. Jesus is the ANSWER to all problems! Hope in God and wait expectantly for Him. Reward his name!

Forgetting you is out of the query! Because He knows you rely upon Him. Now, increase your arms and say, God, thank you for the answer that will help me, in the name of Jesus. Thank you for being so wonderful!

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