What Is A Reflexology Course?

What Is A Reflexology Course?

Reiki and Reflexology reveal much in common. Both originate from traditional Chinese medicine and concentrate on energy circulation and balancing in the human entire body. But while Reflexology focuses more on treating a issue, Reiki more about discovering and using an invisible power that naturally helps the mind and body heal.

Reflexology originated in China where it was used to treat aches, pains, and ailments related to the feet. Chinese reflexologists believe that by placing the hands or feet to specific pressure points on the soles or heels, this may alleviate the strain on other organs and areas. Reflexology is also based on the ancient Chinese principle that many regions of the hands and feet include millions of nerve endings corresponding to various other organs within the torso. All organs and systems of the human body are considered to be immediately reflected or mirrored in bigger, peripheral areas.

Whenever there is a dysfunction in the meridian flow, it results in a response from the body system, leading to pain. This can be a consequence of infection, an accident, or even a blockage from the meridian channels that's causing annoyance. Based on reflexology experts, these meridian channels are on the energy, or Chi, that runs throughout the human body and

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